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If poor need government help - why does the govn't need?

There are 46.2 million people living in poverty. With all the assistance our government offers, food stamps, welfare, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, free school lunch, free education and so much more – We still have 46.2 million people living in poverty? How can we change this? 

One: by changing how you think. 

Let me first make this one statement – “the poor do not have to be poor”.

They - the poor, the 98% of Americans can change their circumstances. In fact they can even buy and own the rich. It’s time that the 98 percent realized the power that they truly have. I believe that the poor, the 98%, have the capability, the intelligence, the courage and the means to reduce poverty as a whole. I believe that these people, who are classified as poor, have more to offer than they themselves know or realize.  

The truth is that the United States economy is strong because of the so called poor. That the only reason U.S. companies succeed is because they rely on the poor to make them strong. When a recession is acknowledged by the government their solution is to first cry to the people, the 98% - to spend.
control acheive change - power to the poorSo before we get to the how, let me start with this. 

It’s amazing how the division is growing. The poor hate the rich, the middle class are said to be disappearing and the Rich – well, they say that the poor simply do not want to work for anything – they simply want to be given everything. Or at least this is what the perception is said to be. 

The above for mentioned may be an overly simplified generalization of what was played out in the media during the 2012 Presidential election which many said was the epitome of class warfare. 

But I want, I need to ask – why do they ask the 98% to spend money they don’t have? Why ask the poor, the down trodden, the very ones who are suffering and struggling in the recession to save the economy by spending?

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